24th August 2022

Client Interview: Roberto & Jacqueline found their dream condo in the Caribbean

Client Interview: Roberto & Jacqueline found their dream condo in the Caribbean
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In this fifth episode, our client Roberto is sharing with you his experience of buying a dreamy condo in Las Terrenas. With his wife, he bought a 2BR condo in Punta Popy area.

In this episode we will discuss with him: 

  • What brought him and his wife from Colombia to Las Terrenas?
  • Why did they buy pre-sale and how was their purchasing experience?
  • What does he like best about the place? 


Video of the interview

AS Films: To educate buyers to make the best decision when purchasing real estate in Las Terrenas, the Atlantique Sud Production team is publishing a series of short videos about Las Terrenas describing its lifestyle and real estate market. We will explore together the different areas, interview our clients about their home-buying journey, and much more. You can watch the entire playlist on youtube.

Interview Transcript in English

  • Can you tell us about yourself?
Robert: I was born in Colombia, in the city of Barranquilla. I have been based in the City of Folklore for approximately 30 years.
  • What brought you to Las Terrenas?
Robert: My wife's dream brought me to Las Terrenas. From a very young age, she came here with her grandmother and it was planted in her heart. Everything was amazing; there was not much construction yet, and she wanted to own property in the Dominican Republic.
  • Tell us about your project in Las Terrenas
Robert: Well, we initially learned about the project through the internet in 2019 when it was just being planned. We decided to travel, meet the real estate agents, and enter into the plan of buying and having something for our future here in Las Terrenas.
Robert: I like the tranquility. I like the beautiful landscape that we see every day. We get up with the sunrise, the people, and the diversity of people who live in Las Terrenas.
  • Why did you buy in pre-sale? Was it difficult or not?
Robert: It was very easy. It allows us to choose among the different plans. We chose a plan, and it is easier to pay little by little, monthly, without financing, and we have been able to pay a fairly high percentage. It has been very easy.
  • What was your experience with your real estate agents?
Robert: As for a real estate agent, I would say that Marvin and Elisabeth are our friends. We know that they are very dedicated to their profession, and our experience of buying with them was quite pleasant.
  • How has your time in the DR been during the coronavirus?
Robert: You do not feel that there is a coronavirus. People take care of themselves, are aware of what can happen, and we must follow the regulations and use the marks in public places, wash our hands, and try to take all the necessary precautions and follow what the government tells us.
  • What would you say to those who are thinking of buying in Las Terrenas?
Robert: You won't regret it. It's a paradise. It has it all. I never tire of it, and I'm always exploring the beauties that exist in the land on the Samaná peninsula. I still have a lot to discover, and what little I've seen is fascinating, and I always know people around me feel the same as I feel.
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