24th May 2022

Discovering "Los Nomadas", a beachfront community of villas in Las Terrenas.

Discovering "Los Nomadas", a beachfront community of villas in Las Terrenas.
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In this second episode of AS Films, we invite you to discover this beachfront community made of Caribbean-style villas is a little heaven right on “Playa Cosón” offering gorgeous sunsets and long walks on the beach. We will describe where this community lies, its hot spots and activities you can do, and the restaurants and give you a tour inside of Los Nomadas (and from the air).

Video of Los Nomadas

AS Films: To educate buyers to make the best decision when it comes to purchasing real estate in Las Terrenas, the Atlantique Sud Production team is publishing a series of short videos about Las Terrenas describing its lifestyle and real estate market. We will explore together the different areas, interview our clients about their home-buying journey, and much more. You can watch the entire playlist on youtube.

Los Nomadas from the sky


Initially, the land where the community stands today was purchased by Atlantique Sud. The agency foresaw the potential of its exceptional location right on "Coson" beach and developed the project. 20 years later, “Los Nomadas” has become one of the most famous and luxurious beachfront communities of villas in Las Terrenas and the Dominican Republic.

The 12-hectare beachfront estate is composed nearly entirely of the typical Caribbean-style villas with thatched roofs (also known as palapa roofs), vegetal fences between the properties, beautiful tropical gardens, and interiors made with natural materials like coral stones and acacia wood. The community has several private accesses to reach the beach of “Coson" easily.


The community has a capacity of 55 homes. As of today (2022), 50 villas have been built, leaving only a few lots remaining for sale.

There are 14 beachfront villas in “Los Nomadas”. If you are looking to acquire one of these, your starting budget should be above the million USD. Otherwise, the rest of the villas are advertised for sale for US$500,000 and above.


View the listings for sale in Los Nomadas.


The endless playa Cosón


"Playa Cosón" is a 7-mile / 11-km long beach perfect for swimming, taking long walks, and enjoying life feet in the sand. There, you truly are on one of the most exclusive and beautiful beaches of Las Terrenas well known for its unforgettable sunsets and fine sands. “El Catey” International Airport is 20 minutes away driving. Also, you can reach “Playa Bonita” by walking for about 10 minutes in the East direction.

The majority of the community is made of ex-pats, but due to the notoriety of “Los Nomadas” locally and internationally, many Dominicans, as well as tourists, rent during the weekends and their respective Holidays. Some owners are living there most of the year, while others rent their property in exchange for attractive returns.


Discover the villas for rent in Los Nomadas.


The nightly rates in “Los Nomadas” are usually higher than anywhere else in Las Terrenas. This is due to several factors, such as the locatiand on, the notoriety, each villa has its private pool, guests are in a gated community and only steps from a beautiful sandy beach.


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